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Incredible Flying Boats!

The Trikke

The Trikke

No Pushing... No Pedaling... Just ROCK 'N' ROLL!
The Trikke's unique power system uses the body's rocking motion to create forward movement, so there's no pedaling, no kicking, and you never have to take your feet off of the machine. The Trikke is made of sturdy Aircraft Grade Aluminum, so it can take the punishment you give it. It's collapsible for easy storage and has dual independent rear brakes for added safety. The Trikke comes in five different colors to match your taste - red, blue, charcoal, green, and orange. Three different sizes are also available to choose from:

The Trikke 5The Trikke 5The Trikke 5 is the ultimate for tricks, ramps, and air. It's small enough for young riders ages 4 and up, but strong enough to take the abuse of freestyle riders just now opening the doors on a whole new world of tricks, air and speed.

The Trikke 6The Trikke 6 uses 6-inch wheels on a Trikke 8 frame for a lower and lighter ride. Strong enough to handle any freestyle abuse, the Trikke 6 is the perfect intermediate Trikke for riders wanting to combine fun with distance riding.

The Trikke 8The Trikke 8 is the ultimate for speed, performance and durability. It's 8-inch wheels make the Trikke 8 stable at any speed and fast for distance riders. Whether for fun, fitness or transportation, the Trikke 8 is the Ferrari of Trikkes.

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