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Gus's Incredible Flying Boats!
Panama City, FL

(850) 866-3805

Incredible Flying Boats!

Wish You Were Here! (1) General aerodynamics, theory of flight 15 to 20 min discussion

(2) Specific of weight shift flying

(3) Learn Ultralight flying regulations. part 103

(4) Air charts interpretation about air space class controlled and non controlled airspace.

(5) Engine functions and maintenance

(6) Learn weather observation

(7) Preflight wing inspection (very important)

(8) Students are required to read the Ultralight pilot's training manual. The reading will be discussed and reviewed.

(9) Solo time

Wish You Were Here!
Training For Flight Instructor

Train over beautiful beaches!

$3,000 + Gas
  • Train over beautiful beaches!
  • wing set up and break down
  • learn straight and level flight
  • take offs and landings
  • turns and spirals
  • proper taxiing techniques
This 15 hour course can be done in as little as 3 days but 4 is preferred. Accommodations not included. Email surfergusinpc@aol.com to get scheduled in.
Flight School!!!!!!


Constantine Pappous: ASC Registered Pilot

Hello my name is Constantine Pappous, but you can call me Gus. I'm 36 years old and into surfing & fishng. Until the age of 22 I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where my family was in the restaurant business. My father owned lots of restaurants when I was growing up. Though, I'm not into that line of work.

I moved to Indialantic, Florida, thats near Sabastian Inlet, where I tried to be a professional surfer. We all have are dreams. That one never came true. I'm a good surfer, but not in the pro's class. Anyway I moved to Panama City Beach, Florida, in 1996, worked as a lifeguard, rented jet skis, and ran jet ski tours around Shell Island. That was work!

Then came to best day of my life. The day I first saw it. It was beautiful, graceful. I was in love....it was the day I saw my first Flyingboat...it was love at first sight.

I met the pilot, Danny M, and I told him I wanted to learn how to fly it. Ten hours of flight time and I soloed it myself, having no previous flying experience. I was hooked. Power hangliding that was my drug...   I bought Danny's used one in 1998. Now I'm a dealer for the Polaris Company of Italy.
I was a Test Pilot for a company in Texas and have been a flight instructor for over 3 year now. And life is good.

If there's one thing for sure is that you will truly love this craft. As sure as Death & Taxes...

Life is good. But better with a Flyingboat