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Gus's Incredible Flying Boats!
Panama City, FL

(850) 866-3805

Incredible Flying Boats!
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Gus' Other Toys

Surf Jet

Surf Jets $3,999

Now you can surf with or without waves on these powered surfboards. 260cc

Mini Bikes

Mini Bikes From $650 - $3,100

From mini choppers to mini street bikes, we've got a large selection of these wicked two wheelers.

The Trikke

The Trikke 8 $199
No Pushing... No Pedaling...

It's not a scooter and it's not a bike - it's a unique machine all to itself. With three different versions available, you can do almost anything on your Trikke.

The Viza Dirt Surfer

The Viza™ Dirt Surfer $850
The stand up ATV trail blazer that challenges your skills and senses! The Viza™ Dirt Surfer off-road motorized mountain board is powered by a 33cc 1.7hp engine or the optional 31cc 1.5hp Honda 4-cycle engine. 9 inch tires coupled with handheld throttle and brake controls provide a smooth and controllable ride. Viza™ scooters offer the highest level of performance, quality, and innovative design features in the industry.

The Skate-Surf Bike

The Skate-Surf Bike $499
This all aluminum off-road surfboard is the perfect thing for the surfer or skater that want's it all. A powdercoated finish is applied to make sure the Skate-Surf Bike can hold up to long term wear and tear. The Skate-Surf Bike also comes with standard aluminum rims, hubs, and a foot break that slows down the bike to a comfortable stop.

Future Beach

Barracuda BK100
Tour the shoreline and rediscover the pleasure of cycling... on water.


Twin Barracuda BK200


Water Bee WB200


Water Bee WB400


Explorer Kayak WS150
Paddle included


Water Skate Beach Kayak WS200
2 person. Paddle included. These kayaks are extremely stable and are made for saltwater environments.


Water Skate Beach Kayak, WS100
Paddle included. These kayaks are extremely stable and are made for saltwater environments.


Kayak Accessories
Backrests $50
Bungee Tie Downs $20
Water Proof Storage Hatch $60

Spider Slide CZ810


Water Hammock CZ250
Minimum purchase of 3 required.

$600 each

Surf Raft CZ200


Beach Lounge CZ150


Twin Surf Lounge CZ110


Sombrella for Beach and Surf Lounge CZ300